Permissions and Usergroups are used to restrict or allow access to parts of the system for the selected user. You can add or remove permission levels using the green plus (+) and red minus (-) buttons to the right of the box, but you will only be able to add permissions for which this user is entitled to use. If you wish to add extra permissions to the user you are currently logged-in as, you will need to log out of LabManager and back in again with a 'higher level' user and use the Users panel of the Control Centre to make the changes.


Action - Book In Job - Allows the user the ability to book in a job.

Action - Bookout job complete - Allows the user to book out a job as completed.

Action - Bookout job ongoing - Allows the user to book out a job as ongoing.

Action - Copy to new - The user can copy an existing job into a new job.

Action - Delete job - The user can delete an existing job.

Action - Edit job - The user is able to edit an existing job.

Action - New Credit Note - Allows the user to create a new credit note.

Action - New Job - Allows the user to create a blank new job.

Action - Print/Send - The user is able to print or create file documents for the current job.

Action - Quote/hold job - Allows the user to place the current job in the Quote/On Hold state.

Action - VOID Invoice or Credit Note -  Allows the user to void an invoice or credit note.

Ad-hoc Listings - Gives the user access to the Ad-Hoc Listings.

Add-on - CSV Exporter - Allows the user to export CSV files using the templates available to the CSV Exporter utility.

Add-on - EDI Invoicer - The user can produce CSV invoice files for corporate groups, using the EDI Invoicer utility.

Add-on - EDI Remitter - The user can import CSV remittance files using the EDI Remitter utility.

Allocate payments/credits - Credit allocations and unallocations can be performed.

Backup Data - A user with this permission is allowed to make a data backup. Read more about the Backup Utility here

Batch Report Manager - This permission gives access to the Batch Report Manager, used for month-end reporting.

Check for updates - The user is able to use the Check for Updates option on the Help menu.

Cloud Notifications - The user can check notifications received on LabManager (cloud version).

Control Centre - The user has access to the Control Centre.

Customer - Add attachment - Permission to add attachments to a customer record.

Customer - Add new account - Permission to create a new customer record.

Customer - Clear from form - Clear the customer from the main form.

Customer - Delete - Mark a customer account as inactive.

Customer - Edit account - Edit a customer account.

Customer - GDPR Account information - The user can produce a GDPR account information file.

Customer - GDPR Changes log - The user can produce a GDPR changes log file.

Customer - GDPR Erase account - The user has the ability to perform a complete deletion of this customer account.

Customer - GDPR Files folder - The user can open the folder containing the GDPR log files.

Customer - History - View the customer history.

Customer - Selector - View the customer selection list.

Customer - UnDelete - Change the status of a deleted/inactive customer to active.

Deliver to - Add new - Add a new Delivery / Practice.

Deliver to - Delete - Mark a Delivery / Practice as inactive.

Deliver to - Edit - Edit a Delivery / Practice.

Deliver to - History -  View the history of a practice account.

Deliver to - Selector - The ability to use the Practice selection list.

Deliver to - UnDelete - The ability to change a Practice from deleted/inactive to active.

Department - Change on form - The user has permission to change the job's department on the Main Form.

Display format change - The user can change the line item display format, by right clicking on the line item area or using the Main Form page of the Setup Wizard.

Due date - Calendar popup - Permission to use the due date calendar.

Financial Reports - Users with this permission can use the reports found in Report menu > Accounting, and in Report menu > Sales, as well as the Debtors Letters in Report menu > Letters.

Import Data - The ability to import data. This feature is not currently available, but do consider adding permission to use the Price Manager utility.

Invoices & Credit Notes - selection list - The ability to use the Select Invoice or Credit Note list from the Job menu.

Job - Add attachments - The user can add file attachments to the current job.

Job - Add general note - The user can add general notes to the current job.

Job - History list - View the history of the current job.

Job - Location change on main form - Change the location of the current job.

Job - Selector - Use the Jobs selection list.

Job - View general note - The permission to view a job's general notes.

Job Item - Delete - Delete an item from the current job.

Job Item - Edit regardless of order state - Permission to edit certain types of line item on a job that is not in an editable state.

Maintenance Utilities - Use the Maintenance Utilities.

Patient Search - Search for patients using the Patient Search.

Payment - Add Payment/Credit - Create a new payment or credit on a customer account.

Payment - Delete - Delete an existing payment on a customer account.

Payment - Edit - Edit payment details.

Payment - Make Refund/Debit - Permission to make a refund or debit adjustment.

Payments - selection list - View the list of payments.

Payments Report - Users with this permission can use the Payments report found in Reports menu > Accounting, and the Debtors letters in Report menu > Letters.

Practice - Show Balance -  Show the practice's current balance below the practice's details at the top right of the Main Form.

Price Manager - Permission to use the Price Manager utility.

Pricing & Discount - Change on form - A user with this permission can change the Pricing box at the top middle of the Main Form.

Product - Add new - The permission to add new products/sales items.

Product - Delete - The permission to delete existing products/sales items.

Product - Edit properties - The permission to edit existing products/sales items.

Product Code Mapper - Permission to use the Product Code Mapper utility.

Queue - Selector - Permission to use the Delivery Run/Queues selection list.

Recent Customers - selection list - Permission to use the list of recent customers.

Restore Data - A user with this permission is allowed to overwrite the database with the data in a backup file. You should only restore from a backup if you are not concerned that your current data will be overwritten! Read more about the Restore Utility here

Share Desktop - Share the computer screen with our support engineers, via the Help menu.

System Events - Show History - View the logs of actions and events that have taken place in the database.

Terms - change on main form - Change the payment terms for the current job, via the Terms box at the top middle of the Main Form.

Transactor Registration - Allows the user to input their Transactor Systems registration information, via the Help menu.

User Sessions Monitor - View a list of the currently connected users, and basic information about their recent actions. It is also possible to disconnect users from LabManager.

Usergroup - Accounts - Users with this permission can make/edit/delete payments and can run the price/payment related tasks from Tools menu > Utilities.

Usergroup - Technician - Users will need this permission to allow them to be assigned as working on a product. Users without this permission will not appear in the Technician list when adding/editing a product on a job.