How to get here


You must be logged in as a lab user, with permissions to access these listing reports.

  • From the Tools menu, choose User Sessions Monitor



This lists all users currently logged in to the system.

It is possible to remotely 'kick' a user from the system, by right-clicking the row for that user, and choosing to send the "Close" command.

The user will receive a notification every 10 seconds for 60 seconds, warning them that their software is about to close.

After 60 seconds, they will be automatically logged out.

Use the Search box at the top of the window to choose the listing to view.

When a listing is visible, you can click on a column header to order the data by that column. For example, clicking on a column header marked "Date" will sort the rows in ascending order of date. Clicking on the header a second time will sort in the opposite direction (descending).

Either right-click, or click the Options button for available options, such as sending the list to a preview window (for printing, saving as PDF or emailing) or saving the list to a CSV file, which can be opened in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.