How to get here

With a job on the main form...

From the Job menu, choose History


Press Ctrl+H on your keyboard


This will display a list of all the actions performed on the current job, along with the date and time, the user that performed the action, and any other relevant information.

There are a few views available from this dialog, by clicking the Search box.

Job Contract Review History - A record of any events where the job has been "approved for..." when booking in or out.

On the dialog that is presented when booking in or out, there is a tick box for approving the status change of the job. If this box is ticked when the action is performed, this is recorded in the Contract Review history.

Job Event History - Any events performed on the job, such as booking in, out or editing.

Job Location History - Any changes to the location of the job, which can be changed from the main form or when changing the job status through booking in or out.

When a listing is visible, you can click on a column header to order the data by that column. For example, clicking on a column header marked "Date" will sort the rows in ascending order of date. Clicking on the header a second time will sort in the opposite direction (descending).

Either right-click, or click the Options button for available options, such as sending the list to a preview window (for printing, saving as PDF or emailing) or saving the list to a CSV file, which can be opened in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel.