Line Items are all the rows that appear in the main area of the Main Form, when viewing a job. Line items can be financial or non-financial (ie. notes).



When you create a new job, default line items are added to it. Examples of these default items are the patient name, shade and notation - although these defaults can be altered in the Control Centre > Setup Wizard > New Jobs page.





Adding a new item


You can add a new line item by first selecting the row, then either type its Code in the Code column (such as PATIENT to add a Patient Name note row), or by pressing Return, or double-left clicking the row and searching through your products.





Speed Entry


If you know the product code and have set up your prices and price bands the way you want them, you can use Speed Entry to quickly add an item onto the job.


To do this, select the row then enter the product code, followed by a comma, then the quantity.


For example, if you have a product with a code of PBC, and you wanted to add 2 of these to the job, you could enter the following code then press Return:




If you do not enter a quantity, this will default to 1, but you still need to include the comma on the end so the code is treated as speed entry and not a search:


PBC,               This will immediately add the product PBC to the job


PBC                This will bring up the product search List for all products with a code beginning with PBC