A video covering the EDI Remitter is available below.


The EDI Remitter will allow you to select or import a list of sales invoices, and pay them with funds taken from a given principal account. The actual payment received will need to be added to the principal account directly from within LabManager, either before or after running the Remitter. 


The Principal Account can be any customer account you choose, even an ordinary working dentist. However, LabManager provides principal account and principal dentist customer types which should be convenient for using with the Remitter.



Why use it?


An administration task that might take several hours or days could take just a few minutes with this application.


When you receive a large remittance which covers many invoices for several customers, this could take a long time to manually split the remittance, identify the invoices, and separately enter the remittances on each account.



To run the EDI Remitter


Use LabManager >  Tools menu > Apps, or Add-Ons menu > EDI Remitter


Use Windows Start Menu > LabManager > EDI Remitter.



add ons - remittance module1



Main Menu




What the Remitter does

  • Allows a list of invoices to be selected by given criteria, or imported from a CSV file.
  • Displays the invoices list in a grid allowing the user to amend the list.
  • A check is done to see if the invoice total is different to the invoice balance, if so, there's an option to un-allocate credit on these invoices.
  • If the 'Amount to Pay' is imported, this is checked against the invoice balance - any differences are reported.
  • The debtor accounts are credited the appropriate amount for paying the listed invoices.
  • The credit is a transfer from a principal account.
  • The principal account is debited with 'transfer from Principal Account' for each matching credit 'transfer to sub-account' on the dentist accounts.



Regarding the principal account


In Step 3 we are asked to choose an account from which to transfer the money...



The account you select here acts as an intermediary account for the payment. Put simply, the payment you have physically received from the customer should be added to the account that you select here (the principal account), and the Remitter portions this off to the dentist accounts as appropriate, saving you the bother of doing this manually.

As long as you add the total payment to the same account that you choose from this list, the amount going in and out of the account should match, leaving a zero balance on the account.


Notice in the drop down selector you can select any customer account as the 'Transfer money from account', this is because you can receive a remittance from any customer account. See: Principal Accounts


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