How to get here


If a Customer is on the Main Form:

Click on the Customer box when your mouse pointer is a pointing hand   hand finger pointer

or Choose Edit from the Customer menu

or Press Return on your keyboard when the customer name is highlighted



From the Customers selection list (available from the Customer menu > Select or Add New):


Right click (or press Spacebar with a customer highlighted) on a customer in the list, and select Edit from the popup menu



From the Control Centre > Setup Wizard > Dentists or Practices page:


Double click on a customer in the list, or select it with the keyboard and press Return




A video covering adding new customer is available below:



The customer edit window will look similar to the following example:

Customer ID

This is the unique ID number for this customer account.

Around the software you may see this number used either instead of the customer name, or in addition to. For example, for the dentist used in the screenshot above, they may appear on reports as Mr M Americano (1411).

When creating a new customer account, the next available ID number is automatically used, but you can edit this number ONLY when creating the account. Once you save the new account, the ID number cannot be changed.



Choose a Customer Type.  eg Dentist, Practice, Direct Patient, Lab.

The Customer Type can affect if this customer will appear on particular reports, or if the customer can be used in specific parts of the software, such as inviting to use Transactor LabManager (cloud version).





Company - Title - First name - Surname


Tick the Company box to change the text box into a single long box to enter a company or organisation name.

Fill in the details. If you want to add professional titles (such as OBE) then these can be entered in the dedicated box for this on the right side of the window.





Customer Address


This is the "Invoice To" address.



If this is going to be the same as the Practice / Deliver To address, we suggest setting the Practice/Deliver To address first (below the Customer Address box). Doing that should prompt if you wish to copy the practice details up to the Customer Address box, or you can click the DialogWindows-Normal-Customer Edit1 icon to the left of this box to copy the address details over.





Practice / Deliver To


If your Invoicee is a dentist then make sure you choose or enter a new practice here because a lot of the reports and other functionality depend on this. So even if the dentist is working from and being invoiced at the same address then still fill in this section. You can use the   DialogWindows-Normal-Customer Edit1 icon to copy this practice address over to the customer address.

Usually, a number of dentist accounts will be linked to a practice account (via the Practice/Deliver To button), and the jobs, invoices and payments will be created on the individual dentist accounts.

The practice account itself, will usually have no activity recorded on it.

Hence, it's a good idea to get your practice accounts created first, and then add the dentist accounts so that the link can be made to the practice.


To select or add a Practice / Deliver To


Click Practice / Deliver To

In the Name ID box select an existing Practice / Deliver To or click Add New


Once you have selected or added a Practice / Deliver To you should use the   DialogWindows-Normal-Customer Edit1 icon to copy this delivery address over to the customer address.





Tels / Mobile


You can add details of up to three telephone numbers here.





Primary Email


This is the customer's main email address. You can only enter a single email address in this box. (you can enter multiple email addresses in the Email List box that is below this one).

You can send emails to this address at any point where you could normally print. Just select "Send to customer primary email" from the Send To list, or click the email icon on a preview window.


You must have configured your email settings before emails can be successfully sent from LabManager.


Also see Send to's





Email List


Add one or more alternative email addresses here. You'll be able to use the "Send to customer email list" channel when emailing reports and/or documents to this customer.


How to format multiple Email addresses




Single email

Multiple emails

Separate email addresses with commas or semi-colons,AbcBrighton@gmail,;AbcBrighton@gmail;



You must have configured your email settings before emails can be successfully sent from LabManager.


Also see Send to's







The customer's website address, if available.





Country and Tax Reg No.


If you need to, click the button and choose a Country, and enter a Tax Reg No

Account Created

The date this account was added to the database. 

For LabManager users who have migrated from very old versions to this current version, the created date may represent the date of the first activity on the account.





Invite to Cloud

Show a Transactor LabManager (cloud version) promotion letter, addressed to this customer. You can email, print or save as PDF from the Preview Window.

You can choose to include the price list for this dentist's current "favourite" price band. This will follow in the pages after the letter, and you can choose from a few different sorting options and whether to include unpriced (zero value) items or not.

It's also possible to include a paragraph stating that the lab will cover the cost of the subscription. Choose YES to include this text.

If this is the first time you are running this invite, we'd recommend sending it to the preview window so you can check the contents of the letter.

When you're ready to send, we'd suggest sending to the default channel of "Email PROMO to customer primary email" as this will include the appropriate promotion text in the email subject and main body. If you send from Preview Window, you will need to manually enter a subject and body text.

Note that it's also possible to send this dentist invite letter to many customers at once, through the Batch Report Manager.

A practice invite letter can alternatively be sent by editing a practice account details, or through the Batch Report Manager.

Credit limit


Your allowed credit limit for this customer.

From LabManager version 8.31, you will be warned when booking out complete if the job's value takes the customer's balance over their credit limit.

If a customer's credit limit is 0 then there is no limit to this customer's balance.





Payment Terms (Days)


The number of days agreed between you and your customer, for full payment to be received on invoices.

The default terms are defined in Customer Types.





Order discount %


The usual order discount rate that will be applied to new jobs for this customer. It can be over-ridden on the job itself.

The default terms are defined in Customer Types.


See Customer discounts





Early pay %


This customer's early payment discount rate. If this value is zero then no early payment offer text will appear on the statement.

The default terms are defined in Customer Types.


See Customer discounts







If you are using the Early Payment discount incentive then this value will affect what is printed on the tear-off portion of the Customer Statement. Literally the number of days full payment must be received by for the customer to be eligible for their early payment discount.


If this value is zero then no early payment offer text will appear on the statement.


Note, on statements the 'date that payment should be received by' is calculated using this Days figure, based on the final date of the statement period. If you are running a monthly statement, the discount 'cut-off' date will be the this number of Days after the end of the month.

The default terms are defined in Customer Types.


See Customer discounts





Professional Titles


For example, BDS, MBE, BA (hons) etc. These details will appear on statements and invoices next to the customer name, so it is possible to use this field for other purposes, such as a Work Order number or external customer reference number.



Statement Email List (BRM)

Useable from the Batch Report Manager, when running your month end invoicing you can choose to send your statements or invoices to the email addresses in this field.

Enter a list of email addresses separated by commas or semi-colons.





General miscellaneous or extra notes area to store with this customer record. It is possible to rename this box in your system to store specific information for your company's business rules. Contact Transactor Support for assistance.





GDC No or Group Reference


This can be used to store a 'customer group' reference if your customer requires this information on your documentation, for example a MyDentist Practice ID.







Assign predefined or custom tags to this customer record. These may be used to easily select groups of customers for reports or change reporting and document printing behaviour.


Some TAGS are built into the default system. For example DO NOT PRINT PATIENT NAMES ON INVOICES AND STATEMENTS. If this TAG is assigned to this customer, LabManager will print the Patient Reference only on those documents. 

You can also create your own customer TAGS to make it easy to select a particular group of customers when using particular features of the software.


To assign a TAG, click DialogWindows-Normal-Customer Edit2 then double click a TAG in the list.

To remove an assigned TAG, highlight a TAG in the list then click DialogWindows-Normal-Customer Edit3


To add a TAG to LabManager's list of available TAGs, go to the Setup Wizard, click Advanced, then Tags.


You can add as many TAGS as you like to a customer record.




You can add "eligible" price bands to this list, and set one as the "favourite" price band.

The favourite price band is used as the default when creating new jobs for this customer.

However, while editing the job or adding products to a job, it's possible to choose from any of the eligible price bands for this customer. Ensure you don't allow a price band to be eligible for this customer if you don't want those prices to be available to them.

For example, you may have special prices for your long-term customers in your "Private - Special" price band, and you don't ever want to offer them the prices in your "Private - Standard" price band.



You can, of course, set up new and varied Price lists/bands through the Control Centre.


Enter any general notes about this customer in this box.

The top line of these notes will display underneath the customer's details on the main form, when you have them selected or have one of their jobs open.


Add files to this customer account. Useful if you want to keep a purchase order or contract in easy reach.

Note that the file is copied into the LabManager database, so if you edit the original file that is not reflected within LabManager. In that case you will need to attach the new file and remove the old one.

To attach a file, click DialogWindows-Normal-Customer Edit2 then browse for your file.

To remove an attachment, highlight a file in the list then click DialogWindows-Normal-Customer Edit3


To view an attached file, double-click it.


You can add as many TAGS as you like to a customer record.





If you un-tick this, then this customer record will be marked Inactive. It's the same as choosing Customer > Delete (set as Inactive).. from the menu.


If an inactive customer is selected onto the form (using the account number or by searching for inactive records), then the Main Form will stamp INACTIVE in red across the customer's address.




You won't see this customer in the normal Selection lists until such time as you re-activate the record.


To 'retrieve' an Inactive/deleted customer onto the Main Form

If you know the account number, enter it in the Customer box and press Enter. The other way is to use the customer selector, search for Deleted/Inactive customers.


To Re-activate / Un-delete a Customer

Retrieve the customer record onto the Main Form, then choose Customer menu > Undelete (Set as Active), or with the customer's detail screen showing just put a tick in the Active box.