How to get here


From the Products page of the Setup Wizard, double-click on a product, or select a product and click the Edit icon.


From the Products selection list, right click on a product and select Edit Properties




Code - The shorthand code used throughout the system (eg. on job tickets, invoices, price lists) to represent this product. This is alpha-numeric so you can choose to configure your codes as a shorthand product name (eg. PBC) or a fully numeric system (eg. 001) or a combination (CB01).

Icon - Optionally set an icon to appear next to this item when it appears in the list of line items on your job. This may help the product to stand out.

Name or Description - Full text description for this item. (eg. Porcelain Bonded Crown)

Unit - The description of the unit this product is available in. For example 'each' or 'grams'.

Can edit name and unit - When ticked, the user is allowed to edit the name and unit descriptions when adding this product onto a job. Otherwise, the name and unit will always appear as you've described it in this Product Edit page.

Allow line discount - When ticked, this product can be discounted by the customer's line discount rate. When unticked, no discount can apply to this product.

Nominal a/c - The nominal accounting category this product falls into.

Usual Tax - The tax rate that applies to this product.

Item dept - Which lab department applies to this product, such as Ceramics or metalwork. This can be used to display or filter a number of reports.

Completed - The lab can choose to manually mark individual items as completed on their jobs, or configure a product to show as completed at the point it's added to a job.

Tick this box to have this product show as completed immediately.

Bundled Items - Add other products to this product, which will be automatically added the job at the same time as you add this 'parent' product. These 'child' products will show indented underneath the parent product when they're added to the job.

This is usueful if you always need particular sub-products added whenever you add this product.

Technician - This technician will be configured as the default one working on this product when you add the product to a job. You can adjust the technician working on the product at any time.

Notation - This default notation text can appear on the main form next to your product in particular line item views. You can change this notation when editing the line item.

Work time per unit (mins) - The default amount of time to complete work on this product.

Technician 2 - Add a second default technician to work on this product.

Prices (excluding tax) - Add all the price bands that include this product, by clicking the green plus symbol to the right of this box. Add the price charged for this product for each applicable price band.

Tags - Choose Product Tags to apply to this product, such as for preventing it from printing on particular documents, or to categorise this product for filtering on the Products list.

Active - When ticked, this product is available for use and shows in the product selection list. Historical jobs which included this product will still include this product, even if the product has since been marked inactive.