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Tools menu > Control Centre > Setup Wizard > Users/Technicians.




Add all the people who will be using LabManager as users, as well as the technicians and teams you wish to keep track of.

If you are using Transactor LabManager (cloud version), and your dentists or practices have been given access to your LabManager, their logins can also be listed on this page.


All of the users and technicians you add to this list will be able to log in to LabManager using the user name and password you assign to them, but you can limit their level of control so they can only access the areas they need to. Additionally you can configure how LabManager behaves for each user, such as auto-confirming booking-in of jobs.


You can change which types of users you are viewing by clicking on the Logon drop-down box, at the top right of the page.


  • Normal - Indicates users and technicians within your lab, plus the SYSTEM user which can be used by Transactor Support
  • Client - These users are dentists or other types of individual customer which have access to your database
  • Group - Group logins which allow a practice or other administrative group to access a number of dentists in your database by using a single user account



Users and Technicians-Buttons

ADD - Add a new user

EDIT - Select a user in the list then click this icon to Edit the user

DELETE - Select a user in the list then click this icon to Delete (mark as inactive) the user

COPY - Select a user in the list then click this icon to Copy the currently selected user to a new user account





Deleted users are not completely removed from the system, in fact they are kept intact but marked as inactive. Inactive users cannot log in to LabManager and cannot be assigned as technicians on job items.

Any job items that already have the technician assigned to them will not be changed - the technician will remain assigned to those items.


You can view deleted/inactive users by clicking the "Show inactive users" button at the bottom of the page.






Add a New User


When you add a new user, you will be presented with a form similar to the one shown below. If you are modifying an existing user, the empty boxes will contain the details of that user.





Complete or modify the boxes on this form using the following descriptions as a guide:



User refers to the short descriptive name for this user that will be used around LabManager, as well as being the name used for logging in. (eg. "TECH" or "SARAH")

User Icon is the box beside User Name. You can click this and choose an icon to represent this user.

Full Name should be the user's full name. (eg. "Dental Technician" or "Sarah Connor")

Code will be used on reports and in on-screen lists where a shorter reference to the user is more convenient. (eg. "DT" or "SC")

Password is used to log in to the system, coupled with the User Name. You will need to enter the same password into the Confirm box to confirm it's been entered correctly.

Control level determines a user's level of access to the Control Centre. Selecting Setup Wizard will only allow this user access to those options listed under Setup Wizard. If you scroll down the list you can select Manager, Advanced, Client Group a/c or Client Single a/c - but only if the user you are currently logged in as is at least of the same control level. These levels will give the user access to that control level and below - so an Advanced user will have access to the Advanced and Setup Wizard pages of the Control Centre.

Permissions and Usergroups are used to restrict or allow access to parts of the system for this user. You can add or remove permission levels using the green plus (+) and red minus (-) buttons to the right of the box, but you will only be able to add permissions for which this user is entitled to use. If you wish to add extra permissions to the user you are currently logged-in as, you will need to log out of LabManager and back in again with a 'higher level' user and use the Users panel of the Control Centre to make the changes.

Inactivity timeout in minutes indicates the amount of time this user account is allowed to be idle before the system automatically logs them out. Note that this is not adjustable on LabManager (cloud version).

Home Tab refers to the default location for the cursor to appear at when this user moves to a clean form.

Look and Feel allows you to change the style of LabManager by choosing from a list of pre-designed templates. Templates can allow for different sized and coloured text and buttons and can be created within the Control Centre (under the Look and Feel category)

Signed by Technician sets the default user account to sign off an action on a job, while this user is logged in. For example, if user GEORGE is logged in, and GEORGE is set as the Signed by Technician on his user account; when the user books in a job, the system shows that GEORGE is signing off that action - although this can be changed to any other user at the moment of booking in.

Patient Entry sets the order the text boxes are shown when entering a patient name whilst logged in as this user. For example, this user may prefer to always enter a patient reference first, instead of the patient's title and first name.

If this box is left as "-- System default --" then the order configured on the Main Form page of the Control Centre is used.

Options allow you to streamline your work process by cutting out unwanted confirmation messages, or to prevent the TAB key from moving to boxes on the main form that you do not want to use. For example, by default you will be prompted to confirm Yes or No when you Book In a job but you can prevent that confirmation from happening, thus speeding up your procedures. You can add options using the green plus (+) button, and remove with the red minus (-) button.

Active marks this user as enabled or disabled. If you mark this user as not active, they will not be able to log in to LabManager unless they are marked "Active" again. To do this you would need to log in to LabManager with a different user account then return to this screen.





Button-edit   Edit a User


Select the user you wish to edit from the list, then using the icon strip on the right, click the pencil icon.


You will be presented with the same screen as for Adding a user. Please refer to that article for details of all the boxes on this form. Once you click the OK button your changes will be saved, otherwise clicking Cancel will discard any changes.





Button-delete   Delete a User


You can mark a user as inactive, which will prevent that user name from being available in the system, such as for logging in or being assigned to jobs. Select the user you wish to delete from the list, then click on the red cross icon. You will be asked to confirm your action.


You can reinstate an inactive user by logging in as an active user, modifying the inactive user and changing their 'Active' status.


Note that an inactive user will not be able to log in to LabManager until you mark them as active again!





Button-copy Copy to New User


To quickly create a new user with the same preferences and permissions as an existing user, select the user from the list who will be the 'blueprint' for the new user. Then, click the button on the icon strip containing the two sheets of paper.


You will be shown the same form as you would see if you were modifying or adding a new user, except this one will display "User (Copy)" in the title bar. Make any changes necessary, such as giving the copied user a different User Name and Code.


You won't be able to save your new user unless the User Name and Code you use are different to any other user. (including the user profile you copied it from!)


Your copied user won't be saved until you click the OK button. Clicking the Cancel button will discard the new user.