How to get here


From the File menu, choose System History (CTRL-R).



Quick Reference


Search (selector)

Choose a search method

Search Button

Invoke search for given criteria

Settings Blue gear24

Preferences for this window



Results list window

Lists results for the current Search. Right click for Options


Options menu



Search (selector)


Search Method. These are customisable and the initial choice can also be configured in Settings.


Emails Sent

All emails sent successfully by all users. History is only kept for recent months. See Emails Sent

Reporting History

A list of all documents produced. History is only kept for recent months.

System Events

All events that have occurred in the system, such as jobs booked in, out, users logging in and out. History is only kept for recent months.

System Events - Jobs related

A list of all job related events, such as jobs booked in and out. History is only kept for recent months.


Recent changes to customers, files attached etc.




Search Button


Invoke a search for the selected search method.



Preferences icon


Settings for this dialog window.



Help icon


Link to this Help topic. Welcome!



Results list window


Initially when you enter this dialog, this list will be pre-populated with the results for the Initial Search method. The Initial search method can be set in Preferences.


If you change the Search method, the list will clear. Click Search to refresh the results.


You can right click any listed rows to invoke the Options menu. This is the same as highlighting a row, then clicking the Options button.





A sub-set of menu choices for appropriate actions, such as Send to Preview Window, where the list can be printed, and Export to CSV file.