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Tools menu > Control Centre > Setup Wizard > New Jobs.




From this page you can customise some of the default data associated with a new job, such as how it should be numbered, how far ahead should the due date be, and which sales and note items should be included as standard.


Control Centre-New Jobs


The settings on this page will affect any new jobs you create.




edit this page - small

Change 'Greyed Out' Controls


When you first reach this page, the controls are locked from editing and the text is 'greyed out'. Before you can make any changes to these controls you will need to click the "Edit this page" button at the bottom of the page by clicking in it. This is to protect these controls from any accidental changes.





Start New Job - Next new Job no.


The "Next new Job no." box shows the number LabManager will give to the next new job that's created. You can change this to another number - as long as that number's not already in use - and LabManager will start counting on from that number for new jobs.

Customer must be selected onto form before Action - New Job

When ticked, it will not be possible to create a new job unless a customer (dentist) is already displayed on the Main Form. 

When unticked, a new job can be created, and the customer can be added to it before it's booked in.





Job Due Date - Turnaround days


The Due Date represents the date at which you aim to get that job out of the lab and delivered to the customer. When creating a new job, the Due Date for the job is shown at the top middle of the page. By default, this may be a week from the date the job comes into the lab but you can change this default behaviour to be any number of days you prefer by altering the number in the box.

Note that the due date of a job can be over-ridden by the turnaround days of job departments, which can be configured from the Depts/Stages page of the Setup Wizard.


Use the Closed Sat and Sun tick boxes to show that the lab is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. This will be represented in the due date calendar.

Tick the box to Skip CLOSED days and when calculating the due date, LabManager will ensure a job will not fall on a closed date, and will move to the next available date.

Note that it's also possible to set individual days as closed (such as bank holidays) through the Due Date Calender.


Products automatically added to new jobs...


The items listed in the main box on this form are automatically included on any new jobs you create. Most labs will always want to associate a Patient name, Shade and Palmer Notation with a job, so LabManager is configured to add these by default. You can, of course, remove these or add other items to the list.

It's also possible to configure items to only be included when a particular condition is met, such as if the customer has a particular tag, or if the current user is a client (dentist) using LabManager (cloud version).


For an item to be made available for adding to the list it must first be created within the Products page of the Setup Wizard, as either a Priced Item or Note Item.





Button-add   Add New Default Item


Clicking this icon will allow you to add one of your pre-configured Products as a default item for new jobs.


Control Centre-New Jobs-Add default item


Select the Product or Note Item you want to add as a default line item, from the "Product" list at the top of this form.


Select the Quantity of this item that should be added. Note, this is the quantity of the item as it appears in the "Qty" column on the main form, not the number of times this product/note item is repeated on the new job form.


You can restrict when this item appears on a new job by altering the "Include product, if..." box, for example this item will only be included if the customer has a particular tag

You can configure available tags from the Tags page of the Control Centre.


Your default items will be added to the new job in the order specified by the "Sequence No.", with the items with the lowest Sequence No. appearing first and the next highest number following, and so on. For example, consider the following default items:



Sequence No.








The above items will appear as shown below when creating a new job, as PATIENT has the lowest Sequence No, SHADE is second highest and NOTATION is third.


New Job-default items





Button-edit   Edit a Default Item


Select the default item in the list that you wish to edit, then click the pencil icon. You will be presented with the same form as for Add New Default Item (above), except it will contain the details of the item you selected.


Make any alterations then click the OK button to save the changes, or Cancel to discard them.





Button-delete   Delete a Default Item


Select the default item in the list that you wish to remove, then click the red cross icon - you will be asked to confirm your action. This will remove the item from the list of Default Items, but the actual Product or Note product is still available for use within LabManager, unless you also delete it from your available Products.