How to get here


Tools menu > Control Centre > Setup Wizard > My Company.




This page allows you to enter the basic details of your company, that will appear on invoices, statements and other reports.


Before you can make any changes to this page, you will need to click the "Edit this page" button at the bottom of the page.




Enter as many details as you wish, although the more details you can complete, the better as these will be used where appropriate on outgoing documents such as invoices.

Tax Reg no and Tax Invoices checkbox

If your business includes tax/VAT on items, enter your tax registration number in the box. 

If you tick the "Tax invoices" box then tax amounts will be shown on invoices.

Net and Tax totals will be shown beneath the line item area of the Main Form if the lab has specified a tax reg no.



Bank Details


Any text you enter in this box will appear on the bottom of statements. Generally you will want to enter text along the lines of:


Bank details:  Account 11111111, Sort Code 11-11-11


You do not need to specify what reference they should use as the relevant customer account number will automatically be added to the text on statements.

The above text, for example, would appear as below if a statement was produced for customer account number 202:


Bank details:  Account 11111111, Sort Code 11-11-11 Reference: CustID 202



The Bank Details box is limited to 64 characters (ie. spaces, letters, numbers and symbols) to ensure it fits neatly on the payment slip of your statements.

If you wish to add further details you can add a Custom Message to the report.