You can create the payment transfers OUT (principal account) and IN (dentists) manually without the Remitter, but if you tend to have lots of principal accounts and/or sub-accounts then the Remitter will save you a lot of time.





Create a new account for the principal account, even if this person also has a dentist account.

Provide any invoice address (which may be the same location as the practice)

For example:

Name:   Mr A Smith

Customer Type:  Principal Account

Address:   Accounts Department, Orchard Road Dental Practice, 14 Orchard Road

Practice Address:  Not assigned





Each month raise a practice summary invoice for the period.

Send this to the principal account with a covering note stating your business terms

Please find attached, a copy of the full Practice Invoice

Your standard discount is 2.5% and a further 2.5% early payment discount is applicable if your remittance of £ N.NN is received by..


Once you receive payment, in the Remitter, process a remittance for the practice's dentists, for the statement period


Step 1 Select invoices to pay

Step 2 List invoices to be paid

Step 3 Pay off the invoices



This will make credit payments on all the dentist accounts and fully allocate the invoices.

Debit payments will appear in the principal account.


In LabManager, with the principal account on the Main Form:

  • Enter the actual remittance amount as a Payment Credit and allow LabManager to auto-allocate this.
  • Add payment credit, of type Adjustment Credit for the 2.5% standing discount
  • If appropriate, also add Payment Credit, of type Early payment discount for the additional 2.5%


Now you can print an ordinary customer statement for the principal account

This will show the debits for the various sub-dentists, the remittance, the discounts and the remaining balance due (if any).