If you wish to manually select a group of invoices to pay, follow the instructions on this page to perform Step 1 of using the Remitter.

If you have a CSV file to import, you should instead follow the instructions on the Import Remittance page.

If you need to pay a practice or summary invoice, and you have the reference number to hand, you can instead follow the instructions on the Pay Summary Invoice page.


Start the EDI Remitter

Choose Select Invoices to Pay


Before making up a list of invoices to pay, we need to restrict the list to certain customers.



Choose which customers we are interested in..


  All Customers

  by Customer ID

  by Customer Tag

  by Practice




If you've chosen "by Customer Tag" or "by Practice", you will need to also choose the tag or practice.

If you've chosen "by Cust ID", you will need to enter the customer ID.


Click Continue



A list of customers will now be displayed, filtered according to the selection you made previously.



Check the listed customers are the ones you expect. If not, you may remove a customer from the list by highlighting the row then clicking the red subtract button.


Click Continue..



Continue to step 2:   Step 2 List invoices to be paid