Depending on which method you chose in step 1, you may now be given the option to choose a date range to search for invoices.

Once you choose a date range, and click the Select button, you will be shown a list of appropriate invoices.


If you want to amend the list, highlight a row, then click the red subtract icon to remove that row.

Click Continue when you're ready to move on



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Partially paid invoices 

If you see any red rows in the invoice list, this indicates the remittance amount from the CSV file is different to the open balance on the invoice.

If this situation occurs it's because one or more of the listed invoices have previously been allocated money from other receipts. For example, in the screenshot below we can see INV199205 has an open balance of £4.02, but the CSV file is reporting that it wants to pay £9.02. This would usually indicate the invoice has already been partially paid.

In all likelihood the balance needs un-allocating as your remittance amount is probably for the whole invoice.

You can either close the Remitter and check the customer's history in LabManager, and resolve from there before returning to the Remitter, or you could use the Utilities menu at the top right of this Remitter page.

Set remit amts to invoice total:   Choose this to ignore the remittance amounts in the CSV file, but instead use the invoice totals as they are in LabManager.

Set remit amts to invoice balance:   Ignore the remittance amounts in the CSV file, but instead use the invoice balances as they are in LabManager. (ie. accept that the invoices are partially paid, and that the customer has overpaid you)

Un-allocate remitted invoices:   Unallocate any credit on the red invoices so that they're no longer partially paid. This will then allow you to process the remittance file. Note that this will leave unallocated credit on the customer accounts, which you will need to resolve in LabManager. (ie. assume that any payments to the invoices already in LabManager are incorrect, so clear those allocations so that the CSV file can take preference)



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