This control level is applied to the user account of a client group, for example a practice login or a login shared for a group of dentists. This user will not have access to the Control Centre and will only be able to make particular actions within the software, such as view the job history for all the dentists included in the group.

Client accounts are available if you are using LabManager (cloud version), and your clients have an appropriate subscription.

Linking a group/practice user account to dentist accounts

IMPORTANT: If you add a dentist to a practice group, the practice user will have access to the dentist's jobs - be sure you add the correct dentists to a practice's user account!

For a group/practice to be able to log in to their own account, they must have a LabManager (cloud version) subscription, and existing customer accounts for their dentists configured within LabManager.

To link a group/practice account with dentist accounts, follow these steps:

  • Make a note of the customer account IDs of the dentists to add to the user account
  • In Setup Wizard > Users/Technicians, click the Logon box at the top right and choose "Group" to view your group/practice users
  • Double-click on the user account for the group/practice
  • You will see a large box on the left which contains a list of any dentists already linked to this group/practice user account
  • Click the green plus icon next to this box to add a customer to the list
  • Enter the customer account ID in the "Customer ID" box that pops up

The dentist name should appear in the list, so confirm you have entered the ID correctly.

Now, when the group/practice user logs in via LabManager (cloud version), they will see the orders for their dentists and will be able to place new orders.