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Tools menu > Control Centre > Advanced > Reports > open a report for editing




Many reports will allow the user to add their own text in a small area.


Open a report for editing by opening the Control Centre (from the Tools menu), then click Advanced, then Reports, then double click on the report you want to edit.


Reports with the ability to add a custom message will have a script line named "Custom Message", and is often set to line number 850 if available, although on some reports it could be a different line number. 



For detailed help on editing reports, please see Report/Task (Edit).


Open the "Custom Message" line by double clicking it, or highlighting it and pressing Enter on your keyboard.


You can add your custom message to the large white box, and change the formatting controls at the top if you need to.

Be aware that due to the constraints of the report you are editing, you may not have a lot of room for your custom message.


Ideally you should not need to change the controls at the very top, for X, Y, Horizontal and Vertical position etc.


If you find your custom message is not showing on the report, ensure the "Active" box is ticked at the top right of this screen.