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Tools menu > Control Centre > Setup Wizard > Send To's.




From this page you can define the available forms of output for your reports and documents. These include printers, email addresses and files.




In the list that appears, the "Send To" column lists the output types you have available, and the "Type" column gives the type of output each Send To item is. For example, the "Label Printer" item is a Printer and a "PDF File" output is a file path.


Output Types



Send the file to the job's attachments

Attachments (private)

Send the file to the job's attachments, and mark as private so it cannot be viewed by a client user (dentist, practice)

Email notification to customer

Send a notification email to the specified email address of the customer. Notification emails contain basic information about the job and are used to inform the customer of a status change - such as the job has been booked in

Email to customer email list

Send to all recipients on the customer's email list

Email to customer primary email

Send to the customer's primary email address

Email to customer statement email

Send to the customer's statement email address

Email to third party email

Send to a specified single or multiple email address

File Path

Send the output directly to a file (such as a PDF)

Label Printer

Assign your label printer to this channel, so you can send labels to it

No output

Do not produce any output

Preview as one report

Show the reports as a single document on the screen, rather than multiple separate reports. Useful for saving the output to a single PDF file

Preview Window

View the output on your screen, from where you can print or save as PDF


Produce a document or report on one of your available printers

Printer (report size)

Attempt to force the printer to print the document at the size the report has been designed for. For example, if the printer is not correctly using A5 paper for an A5 invoice when sending to the usual printer channel, try sending using this channel to force the paper size.

Printer Windows default

Produce one or more labels on your available printers


Do not produce any output immediately, but queue it for printing later. You can view items in the queue by using the Tools menu > Queues. Usually used for Delivery Notes.

Save in database

Save the document as raw data in the database, and do not produce a physical copy. May be useful for Transactor Support when diagnosing problems.


Save a PDF copy of the document in the snapshots folder. By default, this is in your LabManager company1 folder.





Button-add   Add a Send To output


Click the green bubble icon on the icon strip to the right side of the output list.

This will let you create a new Send To channel.

Refer to the page for SendTo (Edit) for help with this.




Button-edit   Edit an Output


Select the output in the list that you wish to edit, then click the pencil icon in the icon strip to the right of the list. You will be presented with the same box as you receive when adding a new output (see above).


From here you can configure the output, including marking it as inactive.


Refer to the page for SendTo (Edit) for help with this.




Button-delete   Delete / De-activate an Output


Select a row in the list and then click on the red cross to mark it as deleted / inactive.


This is the same as editing the output row and un-ticking "Active". Inactive items are still available if you decide to make them active again later, simply view the Inactive Items (see below), edit the Inactive output row and tick "Active".





View Active or Inactive Outputs

To view inactive items, click Show Inactive send to's.


Control Centre-show inactive send tos

To view only active items, click Show active send to's.

Control Centre-show active send tos