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Tools menu > Control Centre > Setup Wizard > Practices.




This page will allow you to add the names and addresses of the Dental Practices you do business with. Coupled with the Dentists page, these two pages allow you to set up your accounts.

Usually, a number of dentist accounts will be linked to a practice account (via the Practice/Deliver To button), and the jobs, invoices and payments will be created on the individual dentist accounts.

The practice account itself, will usually have no activity recorded on it.

Hence, it's a good idea to get your practice accounts created first, and then add the dentist accounts (on the Dentists page) so that the link can be made to the practice.


Control Centre-Practices




Button-add   Adding a Practice


Using the icon strip above the list box, click the white 'plus' symbol in the green bubble. You will be presented with a form from which you can enter the details of the new Practice. Refer to the help page Add new practice or delivery for detailed help on adding the new practice.





Button-edit   Edit a Practice


Select the practice you wish to edit from the list, then using the icon strip above the list box, click the pencil icon.


You will be presented with the same screen as for Adding a Practice (above) where you can modify the practice's details. Refer to the help page Edit practice or delivery for detailed help in modifying the practice details.





Button-delete   Delete a Practice


You can't delete a practice permanently from the LabManager database, but you can mark it as inactive so that it is unusable until you mark it as active again. This is to protect any jobs in the system that reference the practice. To mark the practice as inactive, select the practice in the list then click the red cross icon on the icon strip above the list box.





View Inactive Practices


To view practices that have been marked as inactive, use the Practice menu from the main form, then "Select or Add New...". On the form that appears select "Inactive/Deleted customers" in the Search box and click the Search button.


To view the details of an inactive practice; from the results list that appears, double-click on the practice or right mouse click on a practice and select Edit. From the following screen you can see all the details of the deleted practice and also tick the box for "Active" (at the bottom middle of the form) which can be used to reinstate this practice again.