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Click the red box at the bottom right of the Main Form. This box is only available when there are emails that have failed to send.

emails failed



This window lists all your failed emails by their submitted date and time, the error message received, and who the email was addressed to.


There are many reasons why an email may fail to send, but if the error message mentions an authorisation, account or password failure, you should check you have the correct details stored in the Emailer Setup page of the Control Centre.


For more help with failed emails, please see our guides:

Emails are not sending

Configuring the LabManager Emailer




You can re-try sending an email by right-mouse clicking on it, then selecting "Re-Send".


You can remove an email from this list by right-mouse clicking on it, then selecting "Delete", or "Delete All" to remove all failed emails from the list.


You can print a copy of the list by right-mouse clicking on the list, then selecting "Send this list to Preview window". From the preview window you can click the printer icon to send it to the printer, or the blue floppy disk icon to save the report as a PDF file.

You can also export to CSV file.


You can view emails failed by the current user only, or for all users by clicking the long box at the top of the window, labeled Search, and then clicking the Search button beside it.