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Click the orange box at the bottom right of the Main Form. This box is only available when there are emails queued to be sent.

emails pending



This window lists all your emails that are waiting to be sent. Details shown are the date and time the email was submitted for sending, the email address it should be sent to, the subject text and the names of the attachments (reports).


Pending emails are sent by the LabManager Emailer, which checks for emails in the queue every few seconds. When an email is successfully sent, it will move to the Emails Sent list (the green box at the bottom of the Main Form). If an email fails to send it will be moved to the Emails Failed list (the red box at the bottom of the Main Form).


You can delete emails from the queue by right-clicking them and selecting "Delete" or "Delete All" from the pop up menu.


You can print a copy of the list by right-mouse clicking on the list, then selecting "Send this list to Preview window". From the preview window you can click the printer icon to send it to the printer, or the blue floppy disk icon to save the report as a PDF file.

You can also export to CSV file.


You can view emails pending for the current user only, or for all users by clicking the long box at the top of the window, labeled Search, and then clicking the Search button beside it.







If you have emails sitting in the Pending queue for a long time, and the number is not going down, this may indicate the LabManager Emailer is not running. The LabManager Emailer is automatically started when you use LabManager if you are running it on your own desktop. If you are running LabManager across a local network then the LabManager Emailer needs to be running on only one of the computers - this is usually the server. Check the Emailer is running by looking for it on the Windows Task Bar.

If you are using LabManager (cloud version), the Emailer is managed by Transactor Systems and should be running 24-7.


Single-user versions of LabManager can easily get the Emailer running again by closing LabManager and re-opening it again.


See the notes in the Emailer Setup help page.