How to get here


Tools menu > Control Centre > Advanced > Custom Fields, then EDIT a custom field by selecting the custom field then clicking the pencil (edit) icon



Edit a custom field in the Custom Fields list. These text fields are used in various place by the software, so it's possible to change how these fields appear.

For example, changing the name of System C1 "MHRA no" to "DAMAS reg" will make that DAMAS text appear on the My Company page and on reports where the MHRA text would usually appear.

We do not recommend making alterations to this page unless advised by Transactor Support to do so!





Name - The full readable name of the custom field


Class - The type of data that this custom field can accept, such as text, date, or as a selection from a list such as Users.


Active - Ticked if this custom field is available for use, or unticked if it isn't