How to get here


Tools menu > Control Centre > Advanced > Countries, then select a country from the list and click EDIT or ADD NEW



Edit a country in the Countries list - you can edit the following details:





Name - The full readable name of the country. (eg.  France,  Australia)


Code - A short code for this country, used instead of the full name where space is limited


Parcelforce worldwide code - The official ParcelForce short code for this country (eg. FR, AU)


ZipCode Formats - A line of characters that represents the digits that will make up a Zip/Postal Code in this country. Use the following characters:

# represents a number

@ represents a letter

^ represents a space

, is used to separate templates if more than one template is acceptable for this country.


For example, to allow usage of a postcode similar to TN33 0AE, you would use this template:     @@##^#@@


Currency Code - The official currency code for the currency used in this country. For example, GBP is used for pounds sterling in the UK


Currency Symbol - The currency symbol as it should appear in text


Active - Ticked if this country is available to be used by LabManager