Patient Names

LabManager can be configured to show patient names in different formats throughout the system.

It's possible to control how patient names appear on-screen, on reports to be used internally, on external reports, and on patient statements.

Patient name formats can be controlled from the Other Settings page of the Control Centre.

Erasing Patients

The Dental Laboratories Association (DLA) has released this statement with regards to patient's rights to erase.

(correct as of January 2022)

Right to Erase - Should we delete everything?    

Under GDPR, everyone has the right to be erased; as such, if you are contacted by the dental practice and need to delete everything about Mr PJ Steels, as a data processor you have 28 days to delete this information. This includes all emails, photos, and records, apart from the ones you are required to keep under the Medical Device Directive.

We would suggest using the following procedure to erase patient details on request:

  • Use the patient search facility to identify any jobs for the patient
  • Bring the job onto the Main Form, and edit the patient name by right clicking on the PATIENT row, and choosing to edit the row regardless of state
  • Replace the patient's details as appropriate, such as deleting the name
  • Highlight any order attachments and right-click then Delete, as appropriate
  • Check for any messages in the General Notes box which should be removed. Right click on a message and choose to Delete
  • Repeat for any other jobs for the patient