There are a number of options in the Customer menu, for providing GDPR controls for a dentist account.

GDPR Account Information

Provides a text file summary of all the details held on the system for the current customer.

GDPR Changes log

Provides a text file summary of all logged events that relate to the current customer or their orders.

GDPR Erase account

Providing there are no open orders on the current customer's account, and the account is balanced, this feature will hash the customer's details on their account and mark the account as inactive, thus masking their identity.

Historical orders are not adjusted.

This process cannot be reversed.

GDPR Files folder

Opens the GDPR folder where GDPR text files are automatically saved to. 

You can copy the files from this folder.

This folder also contains Word documents for Article 28 - GDPR Data Processor Policy and Data controller and data processor contract