If you are an existing user of Transactor 6 or Transactor Lab Manager 7, you may want to get your current database copied over to LabManager 8.3.

Choose an option from the list below:

Please ensure you complete the Quick Start Guide before switching over to LabManager 8.3.


  • Note that after importing, you will be able to log in with the same username and password that you used in the previous version.
  • As previous versions did not use case-sensitive passwords, but version 8 does, try logging in with your old password using ALL CAPITALS
  • If you did not use a password previously, this will be set to   abc123
  • You can change your password once you've logged in, by using Tools menu > My Preferences

Transactor Lab Manager 7 users

You must be upgrading from the latest previous version of Transactor Lab Manager, which is 7.0901. If you have an older version, contact us.

If you have a multi-user licence for Transactor Lab Manager, or are upgrading to multi-user, there is a number of extra steps to the upgrade. We recommend you ask us to perform the migration for you, or we can supply instructions for your IT engineer.

  • If you have Transactor Lab Manager 7.0901 and LabManager 8.3 on the same PC, click here.

  • If you have Transactor Lab Manager 7.0901 on a different PC to your LabManager 8.3, or you have a backup file, click here.

Transactor 6 users

  • If you have Transactor 6 on a normal PC, and LabManager 8.3 is also installed on this, click here.

  • If you have Transactor 6 on a different PC to LabManager 8.3, or Transactor 6 is inside a virtual machine window, click here.

  • If you don't have Transactor 6 working anywhere but you have the data or a backup, click here