Instructions below are for single terminal only. (ie. you will use LabManager on one computer)

You can use the 'LabManager 7.0901 IMPORT' shortcut that is in your Windows Start Menu

  1. On your Windows Start Menu, run the program "LabManager 7.0901 IMPORT" from the LabManager folder.
  2. Click "Start Import"

In extreme cases, this can take up to an hour if you have a lot of data or an older computer.


  • Note that after importing, you can log in with the same username and password that you used in the previous version.
  • As previous versions did not use case-sensitive passwords, but LabManager version 8 does, try logging in with your old password using ALL CAPITALS
  • If you did not use a password previously, this will now have been set to   abc123
  • You can change your password once you've logged in, by using Tools menu > My Preferences