Book in a Job

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A video covering booking in and out is available below.






Now that we have created a new job document on the Main Form, we need to save it in Transactor Desktop as a job.


Choose the 'Book In' action from the Action Bar...



Book In a Job1



Quote/hold will store the job in the database but with a status of  "On Hold".


Book in saves the job as 'Booked In'. This is the usual status of a job that is currently being worked on in the lab.


Bookout ongoing saves the job as 'Booked Out Ongoing' (currently out of the lab). It is expected to be returned for the next stage of work and your lab doesn't want to charge for the job until the last stage.


Bookout complete sets the job's State to 'Completed' with an Invoice Ref and Tax Date.


Delete job will, after getting you to confirm the action, remove the job from the database.


Although through the usual course of a job you would first Book in, then maybe Bookout ongoing and then finally Bookout complete when it's finished, it is possible to create a new job and then Bookout Complete immediately, skipping the Book in and ongoing stages.


After choosing the Book in action, you'll be prompted to select which documents you wish to print at this stage, so you could print off a Job Ticket if you wish - just select it from the list and send it to your printer or the preview window.


book in a job3


You can configure Transactor to always print a Job Ticket on the Book in action. See the User Guide topic 'Printing Rules'.



After booked in, if your job is not on the Main Form, click the 'Last Job' navigation button, or see Searching for Jobs and Customers.


book in a job2




You'll notice the 'State' at the top right corner has now changed to read 'Booked in'.



Suppose we wish to make a change to the job now...


Use the Action menu or the Edit Job button on the Action bar to edit the job.


Add a reference to the 'Your ref' box and also try changing the Job Dept.


Change the price of one of the line items by moving the 'focus' to it and pressing RETURN or double clicking.


Book the job back in. (yes we're testing you here!)




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