Book out a Completed Job

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A video covering booking in and out is available below.






Booking out a job as completed is just as simple as booking it in.


Select the job you wish to book out so that it is now on the Main Form

Click the 'Bookout complete' button on the Action Bar, or use Action menu > Book out job complete.


Book Out job Completed1



You'll be prompted to confirm the usual printouts.


Book Out job Completed print options




That's it. The job is Booked out complete and has a tax date.



The printouts that are prompted for are up to you. See Using the Setup Wizard - Printing Rules, by downloading the software and access the full Coffee Break Tour.


If you wish, you can change the tax date (the date on the invoice), but this will default to today's date.


If you want to invoice for the whole month's work in one go, then don't print an invoice on Book out. Instead, print or email the Summary Invoice Monthly at the end of the month. Also See Printing monthly invoices and statements, in the full Coffee Break Tour.


If your screen cleared when you booked out, use the "Last Job" navigation control to move back to the job you were working on.



The invoice number associated with this job is shown at the top right of the form, along with the invoice date (tax date).



invoiced job




Book Out Ongoing


For a job that will be leaving the lab but is expected to be returned later (for the next stage of work) you choose Bookout Ongoing.




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