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Transactor gives you a number of ways to locate a job, so we're going to try some of these now.


We can find a job using any of the main job details.


The main job details include job no, invoice no, customer name, customer ID, patient name/ref, or job status.



Search for a Job using the Job no


Clear the screen and click the  "Job #" box

Type a known job number then press RETURN


The job appears on the screen and we can start working with it.


You may notice some job numbers are preceded by the letter T, and others are preceded by the letter C. This is to differentiate between jobs that have been created in Transactor Desktop (T) and those that have been created on the Transactor Cloud interface (C) by the customer. If you search for a job without specifying the T or C, Transactor assumes you're searching for a Transactor Desktop (T) job.



Job number on Main Form


You can use the same method for searching by customer name and customer account number by moving the 'focus' to the corresponding box and typing. Give these a go now. If you get stuck just clear the form.



Search for a Job using the Invoice Number


This uses the same box as the Job #


Clear the screen and click the  "Job #" box

Type a known invoice number, including the INV prefix.  eg.  INV192595  then press RETURN.



inv number on main form



If the job with this invoice number exists it will appear on the Main Form and we can print a copy of the job invoice, or void the invoice then edit or delete the job. See Edit or Delete a Job


If a job doesn't exist with this invoice number you'll be prompted to search again.



Search for a Job by Patient Search


Click on the Patient search button on the toolbar, or select Patient Search from the Job menu.


Tool tip

Patient search from menu


You'll notice at the top of the Patient Search window you're informed that you're searching by "Patient name or reference". In the "Contains" box you can type some or all of the patient name or their reference number


Type in part of a surname, then click Search. We're going to search for "Nicholls" in our example.


You'll be presented with a list of all patients in the database with that surname (there may be quite a few!). Right click on any job and choose View to see a preview of that job. Using the Space Bar is quicker.



If you think you've found the correct job, click it and choose Select, or just double click on it.


Patient search



You can narrow down the search by only looking for patients of the current customer.






Search using the Jobs Selection List



Click Jobs on the toolbar, or choose "Select..." from the Job menu.


You can choose any of the methods in the Search drop-down box for finding a job.


For this example, choose "Jobs by Reference" from the Search drop-down box, enter "demo" in the Contains box and click Search.



Give this a try now - the screenshot below should help you.


Reference search


As well as allowing you to search by reference or patient name, the jobs list will also let you search for all jobs in a particular state. Don't worry about all the available job states for now.




Search for a Customer by Name


So what if you just want to check a particular customer's details, or look through their job history?


Clear the Main Form then type in the first part of a customer's name and press RETURN.




The Customers search window will show you who fits the bill.



Select a customer or type in another search.






Search by Customer ID


If we know the customer ID, it's a really quick way to retrieve a customer.


Clear the Main Form then type in a customer ID into the Customer box and press RETURN.




Notice that Transactor displays the customer ID in brackets after the customer name.





The customer ID is also shown at the top of the Edit Customer window.


You can choose your own customer ID when creating a new customer, but you cannot change it for existing customers.





At any time you have a customer showing on the Main Form you can see the Customer Details. Choose Customer menu > Edit from the menu bar or double click the customer address area.








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