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LabManager is a software application for Microsoft Windows – and also as a cloud solution, for administering a dental laboratory.

It tracks jobs, produces invoices and statements and has a built in sales ledger to receive payments and control your debtors.

LabManager supports MDD/DAMAS Patient Statement changes for 2020 and is is GDPR compliant.
  • Visit the PRICING page and click the “Select Options” button for the package you require. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Please allow up to 4 working hours for the Transactor Lab Manager registration key to be sent to you.
You can sign up for a subscription via Direct Debit (in the UK) or via a recurring credit card payment.
Yes, LabManager’s look and feel is customisable. You can change colors, typefaces, icons and personalise invoices and reports with your company logo, labelling and custom message text.
Yes, with LabManager you can add and track payments, set price bands and see reports on your financials.
Reports include: quotes, delivery notes, patient statements, job tickets, mouthguard declarations, price lists, invoices, credit notes, summary invoices, statements, job status notifications, address labels, job labels, debtors letters and more.

Reports may be automatically printed and/or emailed while you are busy with jobs.
LabManager retrieves jobs by barcode, job number or by searching for related customer, patient or job state.

Job Ticket, Delivery Note, Patient statement and Invoice include a Bar Code next to the Job Number. Jobs can be instantly brought up on LabManager by scanning the bar code.
Find where the job is currently located, such as in lab, en route to practice or ready for collection by lab. Once complete, your Delivery Runs report lets you add jobs to a delivery driver’s route and produce documents for the delivery driver to check and sign off as they go.

Yes, you can use the Price Manager utility to import products and prices from an Excel spreadsheet. You
can export data as CSV files.

Overnight backups are made automatically for the Cloud version, with a rolling 7 days of backups stored.

For the Standard (MS Windows desktop) version, you can back up on demand, or set a schedule.

Yes, you can create access to LabManager for your clients, so they can book in prescriptions. Only possible in the cloud version.

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