The LabManager Referral Programme

An incentivised scheme for LabManager labs.

What is the LabManager Referral Programme?

Transactor Systems are launching a new scheme to incentivise Labs to refer their Dental Practice clients to join the LabManager community.

The referral programme will offer Labs the chance to share LabManager (cloud version) with their Dental Practices, in exchange for a reduction in LabManager fees.

How does it work?

Use the referral form to invite your practices to join LabManager – your Dental Practice will be offered a three-month free trial, followed by £ 49 pcm for them to sign up thereafter.

Your lab must be subscribed to LabManager (cloud version).

What’s in it for you?

In return for your loyalty and commitment to LabManager, for every two dental practices that join LabManager referred by you, one month worth of fees will be deducted from your LabManager subscription.

We are confident this will benefit both your Lab and the Dental Practices you work with. We are here to support you with all the information and help you need to take this to your network of Dental Practices.

Please add in the following details of the Dental Practice you would like to refer to LabManager for Dental Practices.

Terms for this Offer

  • Practices must sign up with a payment method at the beginning of the trial, with the first payment being taken after the 3 month trial period, unless the subscription is cancelled.
  • £99 credit will be applied to your lab’s subscription for every two practices making their first payment following the trial period.
  • The dental lab must be hosted on Transactor LabManager (cloud version) and the practice subscription is only valid while the lab has a subscription to Transactor LabManager (cloud version).
  • This practice account must be used to place orders with the lab within one month of sign-up, and following months, within the free period.
  • If the practice account is not used for placing orders within one month of sign-up, or for any other month within the free period, the account will be closed.
By signing up for this product, the practice will be agreeing to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and our hosting partner’s Terms and Conditions.

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