EDI Invoicer

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This application is part of the Commercial Module add-on.


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The EDI Invoicer will compose group invoices for a given period, and produce an export file suitable for emailing and may be opened in a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel.


The formats supported when this topic was written are below, however check the website for the latest supported formats.


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Format:  IDH Group/MyDentist Invoices


If this is the first time you are using the EDI invoicer for IDH format, you may want to check these topics before proceeding to Step 1, below:


Using the Product Code Mapper

Configuring Transactor for IDH invoicing




Open the EDI Invoicer utility from the Add-Ons Menu > EDI Invoicer


Windows Start Menu > Transactor V8 > EDI Invoicer



advanced - EDI invoicer icon



When the window opens you will be shown a list of your IDH dentist customers. These are customers who have the 'IDH' tag.


advanced - IDHinvoices1


If you wish to change this list, close this window, and add or remove the 'IDH' tag to/from your customers using Customer menu > Edit.


If you wish to continue on using the listed dentists, click Next.





Check/amend the period date, choose if you wish to include credit notes or not, and choose if you only want to report invoices that haven't yet been paid. Click RUN.


advanced - IDHinvoices2





Click Save. Choose a folder location where you can easily attach it to your outgoing email. The file name is automatic comprising of your account number and the date period.


advanced - IDHinvoices3





Email your file to IDH/MyDentist, using your usual email software.


You may optionally also choose the Open File button (visible after you have saved a file) to open the file with your usual spreadsheet tool. If you do not have Microsoft Excel, or Open Office Calc, you may obtain Open Office free from www.openoffice.org.





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