Videos covering Transactor LabManager (cloud version) usage from a lab's and a practice or dentist's point of view, are available below.


LabManager (cloud version) for Labs

LabManager (cloud version) for Practices and Dentists



Orders received from dentists through the LabManager (cloud version) interface are called "Pre-booked jobs".


The lab has to accept the job on LabManager by booking it in, which you can easily do from the notification list, or by scanning the barcode on the job ticket when you receive it.



When a dentist creates an order on their cloud interface, you will be notified by the flashing notification icon on your LabManager toolbar.



Click the icon to view your notifications





You will be presented with a list of notifications, including pre-booked jobs.



The dentist may have entered a description of the job prescription, and/or will have attached files to support this. File attachments will show in the bottom left of the form when viewing the job. You can double-click on a file to open it.

The dentist may have also added some messages, so check the General Notes box at the bottom right of the main form.

You should now edit the job and enter the appropriate products onto it, as if you were creating any other new job. When you're done, check the due date and book the job in.

The dentist will receive a notification that the job has been accepted and booked in.