It is important that you ensure you are ready to start inviting your customers to access your LabManager (cloud version).

Customers will be able to see

  • Their account history (ie. previous orders, payments and allocations)
  • Basic account details, including payment terms, early payment discount %, customer note
  • Your products and the prices used in the customer's favourited price band
  • Public notes on orders
  • Public attachments on orders
  • Order details
  • Individual order history (such as date and time booked in, documents printed, and which user account performed the action)

They will be able to produce these documents

  • Job invoice
  • Patient Statement
  • Statement of unpaid invoices
  • Summary Invoice
  • Purchase reports (which can be exported to CSV file)
  • Account balances

Note that a single dentist user account will only be able to view and place orders related to their own account, and can only report on data related to their own account.

A practice user account will be able to view and place orders for any dentists related to their account, and can only report on data related to the dentists linked to their account.

Practice groups will be able to perform reporting across all their linked practices.

Before inviting customers to use Transactor LabManager (cloud version)

We would advise you to perform some maintenance and tidying of your customer accounts, to ensure the best experience for all parties.

In particular it is very important to ensure you have the correct price band set as the favourite on your customers, and you have the correct prices configured.

Creating new price bands

Edit a customer and set a new favourite price band

Set product prices

Inviting customers to use cloud ordering