Product Features

Supports MDD/DAMAS Patient Statement changes for 2020 GDPR compliancy features
 “Client user” logon to Transactor Lab Manager for local network dentist, practice or third-party access
Extensive control over user permissions Unattended backup scheduling*Quickly import and process CSV remittance files from MyDentist, BUPA, and many other sources (with Premium)
Fast job handling, i.e. Book in, Book out ongoing, Book out completed, Hold, Edit, Delete and CopyManage your dentists, practices, technicians, products, prices, jobs, invoicing and payment receiptsPersonalise reports with your company logo, labeling and custom message text
Job details may be simple or detailed, i.e. include assigned technicians on job itemsOutput reports include:- quotes, delivery notes, patient statements, job tickets, mouthguard declarations, price lists, invoices, credit notes, summary invoices, statements, job status notifications, address labels, job labels, debtors letters and moreReports may be printed, saved to file or emailed to customers
Reports may be automatically printed and/or emailed while you are working with jobs (in accordance with your set up preferences)Add payments to customer accounts. Payments may be allocated to specific invoices or auto allocated to the earliest unpaid invoicesControl Centre – for easy set up and management of Transactor Lab Manager settings and options
Speedy retrieval of jobs by barcode, job number or by searching for related customer, patient or job stateExport to MyDentist and other suppliers (via CSV files available from Premium)Optional export to Sage, Kashflow, Clearbooks or Xero (via CSV files available from Premium)
 Use your own customer ID numbers when creating a customer account, or auto-generate 

Latest Features in V8

Job items can be marked as Remakes, and set as either the prescriber’s or lab’s faultNew sales reports/listingsBackup reminder
“Sage 50” CSV export templatesManagers can view a list of open Transactor Lab Manager applications, and remotely close themCompatible with the latest Windows Updates
New look+feel templatesSub locations are now defined and selectable from dropdown listEmailer can be set to sleep for a period
Increased size of notation quadrantsPre-booked jobs automatically displayed on the Main Form with reduced columnsCustomer account creation date is now displayed
GDPR compliancy – produce customer details and changes record, erase customer, configure how patient names appear internally and externallyGeneral notes can be copied to a new noteImproved menu and page displays in the Control Centre
Bar code scanning – Job Ticket, Delivery Note, Patient statement and Invoice include a Bar Code next to the Job number. Jobs can be instantly brought up on Transactor Lab Manager by scanning the bar codeNotes and file attachments – can be added to jobs at any time at lab or practice from anywherePrice bands – ‘Allow custom prices’ – You can change the price of a product item without the price band changing. If a price band is defined as not allowing custom prices, this makes the prices of that band fixed or read only
Due Date Calendar – lab closed days – can be assigned. A warning message pops up if you Book in a job with a closed due date specified. When adding a new job, turnaround days can be set to skip ‘closed days’Export lists to CSV file – all selection lists in Transactor Lab Manager have the option to “Export this list to CSV file”New SendTo types – (i) Printer (Windows default) this works without the need to ‘Assign to printer’, (ii) Printer (report size) – the page size automatically matches the report being printed, (iii) Attachment – job related reports are added as job attachments
Easier selection of previously used customer – when viewing a job, if you press BackSpace on the Customer box, the job details clear from the form and the customer details remain‘Customer details’ & ‘Sub Totals’ display – areas on the main Transactor Desktop screen can now include coloured text and backgrounds. eg. The Account Balance shows in RED when the account is in debtEmailing is faster, more streamlined
Customised ‘Letter’ reports – from/to Dentist(s) and Practices(s).Job snapshots – are automatically saved to file. The snapshots are PDF files with a filename of the job number, date and time, containing the main job details. These files are written to a designated ‘snapshots’ folderJob no’s prefix character
Job locations – set where the job is currently located, such as in lab, en route to practice, ready for collection by lab.Delivery Runs report – add jobs to a delivery driver’s route and produce documents for the delivery driver to check and sign off as they goAttach files to customers – attach files to a customer’s profile, such as Purchase Order agreements, special instructions, photos, 3D scans
More job attachment file types supported – an expanded choice of file types can be attached to jobs.More Printing Rules options – more complex printing rules can be created, and more documents can be created on book in or outSave a job after changes – after editing a job, the user can save the job with it’s original status. Previously booking a job back in would record a new booked in date
New report – Unfinished Jobs reminder letter – produce a reminder letter to a customer for jobs despatched to them that are not yet invoicedExpanded month-end emailing option – addition of a customer statement email addressProduct Code Mapper usability improvements

Further Improvements over Transactor Lab Manager 7

Simpler reports editor with improved guidance Due Date – option when entering via keyboard, if day only is entered then this defaults to next month if the day is less than than the current day Early Payment Discount (EPD) used in Statement Reports can now exclude non-discountable items
Customer accounts can have any number of designated price bands and one set as ‘favourite’ Multiple Job Notes can be added to each job. Notes are time stamped and user identifiable Improved speed of Selection list dialogs and Batch Report Manager (BRM)
Bundled items output on reports: Invoice A4, Invoice A5, Summary Invoice detailed, Summary Invoice detailed monthly, and Statement detailed unpaid – can now optionally summarise the bundle such that the child items are not printed When using the Preview Window to preview a report, if you click the Save to file option, the filename will be the name of the report and target criteria Improved FILELINK, you can specify description text rather than the link file specification, and also the properties of the FILELINK item can be edited
Report Editor can now print barcodes of type BCT-128 The Transactor Lab Manager main window size and position may optionally be saved so that the application always starts at the same screen position and window size as when it was last used Toggle items display using hotkey (Ctrl+D), this cycles through all the active grid display choices.

*  Transactor Lab Manager on your PCs: You are responsible for making and checking your own data backups