Product Features


> Receive jobs electronically from dentists, straight into Transactor (via Cable Dental) > View Transactor jobs online via a web browser, for Cable registered dentists > Quickly import and process CSV remittance files from MyDentist, BUPA, and many other sources (via the Commercial module)
> GDPR compliancy features
> Manage your dentists, practices, technicians, products, prices, jobs, invoicing and payment receipts. > Fast job handling, i.e. Book in, Book out ongoing, Book out completed, Hold, Edit, Delete & Copy.
> Job details may be simple or detailed, i.e. include assigned technicians on job items. > Output reports include:- quotes, delivery notes, patient statements, job tickets, mouthguard declarations, price lists, invoices, credit notes, summary invoices, statements, job status notifications, address labels, job labels, debtors letters and more. > Reports may be printed, saved to file or emailed to customers.
> Reports may be automatically printed and/or emailed while you are working with jobs (in accordance with your set up preferences). > Personalise reports with your company logo, labelling and custom message text. > Speedy retrieval of jobs by barcode, job number or by searches via related customer, patient or job state.
> Add payments to customer accounts. Payments may be allocated to specific invoices or auto allocated to the earliest unpaid invoices. > Control Centre – for easy set up and management of Transactor Lab Manager settings and options. > Optional export to Sage, Kashflow, Clearbooks or Xero (via CSV files created by the Commercial module).
> Export to My Dentist and other suppliers (via CSV files created by the Commercial module). > Use your own customer ID numbers when creating a customer account, or auto-generate

Latest Features in V8


> CABLE DENTAL – Integration allows jobs to be placed by practices using their practice management app or via a web browser > Transactor jobs online – Enable cloud syncing to access your current and past 3 months of jobs online from anywhere via a web browser, for Cable registered dentists. > GDPR compliancy – Produce customer details and changes record, erase customer, configure how patient names appear internally and externally
> Bar code scanning – Job Ticket, Delivery Note, Patient statement and Invoice include a Bar Code next to the Job number. Jobs can be instantly brought up on Transactor by scanning the bar code. > Notes and file attachments – Can be added to jobs at any time at lab or practice from anywhere. > Price bands – ‘Allow custom prices’ – You can change the price of a product item without the price band changing. If a price band is defined as not allowing custom prices, this effectively makes the prices of that band fixed or read only.
> Due Date Calendar – lab closed days – Can be assigned. A warning message pops up if you Book in a job with a closed due date specified. When adding a new job, turnaround days can be set to skip ‘closed days’. > Export to CSV file – All selection lists in Transactor have the option to “Export this list to CSV file”. > New SendTo types – (i) Printer (Windows default) this works without the need to ‘Assign to printer’, (ii) Printer (report size) – the page size automatically matches the report being printed, (iii) Attachment – job related reports are added as job attachments.
> Easier selection of previously used customer – When viewing a job, if you press BackSpace on the Customer box, the job details clear from the form, however, the customer details remain. > ‘Customer details’ & ‘Sub Totals’ display – Areas on the main Transactor screen can now include coloured text and backgrounds. eg. The Account Balance shows in RED when money is owed. > Emailing is faster more streamlined – Does not require a Emailer application running all the time.
> Customised ‘Letter’ reports – From to Dentist(s) and Practices(s). > Job snapshots – Are automatically saved to file. The snapshots are pdf files with a filename of the job number, date and time, containing the main job details. These files are written to a designated ‘snapshots’ folder. > Job no’s prefix character – This is to differentiate Jobs added via the Cable Dental portal from those added at the lab. Prefixes are used for other job types also.
> Job locations – Set where the job is currently located, such as in lab, en route to practice, ready for collection by lab. These locations are mirrored on the Cable portal. > Delivery Runs report – Add jobs to a delivery driver’s route and produce documents for the delivery driver to check and sign off as they go > Attach files to customers – Attach files to a customer’s profile, such as Purchase Order agreements, special instructions, photos.
> More job attachment file types supported – An expanded choice of file types can be attached to jobs. These attachments also sync up to the Cable portal. > More Printing Rules options – More complex printing rules can be created, and more documents can be created on book in or out. > Save a job after changes – After editing a job, the user can save the job with it’s original status. Previously booking a job back in would record a new booked in date.
> New report – Unfinished Jobs reminder letter – Produce a reminder letter to a customer for jobs despatched to them that are not yet invoiced > Expanded month-end emailing option – Addition of a customer statement email address > Product Code Mapper usability improvements

Further Improvements over Transactor 7


> Simpler Reports editor with improved guidance > Due Date – option when entering via keyboard, if day only is entered then this defaults to next month if the day is less than than the current day. > Early Payment Discount (EPD) used in Statement Reports can now exclude non-discountable items.
> Customer accounts can have any number of designated price bands and one set as ‘favourite’. > Multiple Job Notes can be added to each job. Notes are time stamped & user identifiable. > Improved speed of Selection list dialogs and Batch Report Manager (BRM).
> Bundled items output on reports: Invoice A4, Invoice A5, Summary Invoice detailed, Summary Invoice detailed monthly, and Statement detailed unpaid – can now optionally summarise the bundle such that the child items are not printed. > When using the Preview Window to preview a report, if you click the Save to file option, the filename will be the name of the report and target criteria. > Improved FILELINK, you can specify description text rather than the link file specification, and also the properties of the FILELINK item can be edited.
> Report Editor can now print barcodes of type BCT-128. > The Transactor main window size and position may optionally be saved so that Transactor always starts at the same screen position and window size as when it was last used. > Toggle items display using hotkey (Ctrl+D), this cycles thru all the active grid display choices.


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