We hope you will find the program intuitive, efficient and reliable.


LabManager is a software application for administering a dental laboratory. It tracks jobs, produces invoices and statements and has a built in sales ledger to receive payments and control your debtors.


With it's client connectivity via LabManager (cloud version), your customers can send job details and communicate with your lab electronically. You and your customer can easily track jobs from start to finish from anywhere in the world via a web browser or our dedicated application.



The system records:


Work coming in and going out of the laboratory

Job details, files and images. Any file can be attached to a job

Products and price lists

Customer records, usually dentists, but may be direct walk-in patients, labs, principal accounts

Delivery addresses, usually dental practices or another laboratory

Technicians and admin users

Payments received, and allocations

Pre-booked jobs submitted by practices and dentists via LabManager (cloud version)

Messages and attachments shared between the lab and practices/dentists via LabManager (cloud version)


The system can preview, print, save or email:


Patient Statements

Job tickets

Despatch notes, priced or unpriced

Individual or monthly summary invoices, statements, quotes and credit notes

The above can be customised with your own logos and can be printed on plain paper or letter headed, or emailed

Reports including various forms of sales analysis, aged debtors, technician/department output, and financial summaries.

Practices and dentists can produce their own statements, purchase reports etc, when using LabManager (cloud version)

Lab groups can produce reports across all their labs to review sales, active jobs etc. when using LabManager (cloud version)

Practice groups on LabManager (cloud version) can produce reports across all their practices where they have submitted work to labs using LabManager (cloud version)




This help documentation is designed as an ongoing reference, with the separate Quick Start Guide providing an introduction to LabManager.




Getting started – new users



New users should follow the Quick Start Guide to familiarise yourself with the basics of the program.

Practice users on LabManager (cloud version) should follow their specific Quick Start Guide


When first installed, LabManager has many advanced features hidden behind-the-scenes to make it easier to use, so if you can't find how to do something see Configuration, More Advanced Procedures and Getting Help.