When editing the terminal name you should keep it simple such as Home, Lab, Reception, Martin's PC.

Note that when using LabManager (cloud version) there is no need to modify the terminal name or active status. Doing so could prevent access to your account.


The Active box denotes whether this terminal is available for LabManager to use. If this box is not ticked then your users will not be able to log in from this terminal name.


You can set a Look & Feel using the "Fixed Look & Feel" box, or leave this as "*** Not Set ***". If you do select a Look & Feel from the list, anyone logging in on this new terminal will be forced to use the Look & Feel specified here. If you leave this box as Not Set, the user's own Look & Feel will be used on this terminal. If there is display considerations on this computer, such as a small screen size, you might want to consider restricting users to using a particular Look & Feel to ensure readability.


The "Approximate size increase %" allows you to specify if the preview window on this terminal should be enlarged or reduced. LabManager will try to intelligently fit it on the screen, but sometimes it may be necessary to override this using this setting. Choose anywhere between -10 and +10.



Desktop PC users may want to modify your desktop shortcut to force LabManager to log in to an available terminal.