Price band (Edit)


How to get here


From the Price Bands page of the Setup Wizard, double-click on a price band, or select a price band and click the Edit icon.




Note that the current price band's ID number is shown in the title bar (along the top) of this window.

Complete the boxes as appropriate for this price band.

Name - This name appears around the software to represent this price band. It will appear on orders, invoices and other documents which could be viewed by the customer. For example, price lists.

Active - When ticked, this price band is available for use on orders. When unticked, this price band is inactive and will only appear on historical orders.

Work type (optional) - An optional note for internal reference, to help identify the type of work this price band is applicable to.

Grade - Primarily used to identify the work grade for Procuur and MyDentist reports.

Allow custom prices - When ticked, it's possible for the user to edit the price of an item on a job. The custom price is for a single job, and does not change that product's price in the price list permanently.

When unticked, the price for a product on an individual job using this price band cannot be changed.