How to get here


With a practice on the main form...

From the Practice menu, choose Select Practice Customers.



This lists performs just the same way as the standard Customers list or Dentists lists, but it will list just the dentists associated with the practice currently on the main form.



Search Button


Invoke search for given criteria. Clicking the Search button without a filter will result in all records being listed for the given Search method.



Preferences icon


Settings for this dialog window.



Help icon


Link to this Help topic. Welcome!



Results list window


Initially when you enter this dialog, this list will be pre-populated with the results for the Initial Search method, as if you had left the 'For' filter blank and clicked Search. The Initial search method can be set in Preferences.


If you come into this Search window by pressing Enter in the Customer box on the Main Form, then if you had typed anything first, this will be used as the initial search's 'For' filter.


If you change the Search method, or type into the 'For' filter, the list will clear. Click Search to refresh the results.


You can right click any listed rows to invoke the Options menu. This is the same as highlighting a row, then clicking the Options button.






A sub-set of menu choices for appropriate actions  Select / Add New / Delete / Send to Preview Window / Edit / Export to CSV file. Select, Delete and Edit will only be possible if a customer row is highlighted.





Select the currently highlighted customer onto the Main Form.  This will only be enabled if the action is valid for the current state of the Job or Invoice on the Main Form. If the Job 'won't select' then try closing the search window and deal with the job on the Main Form then choose Clear Form before returning back to the Search. If you want to keep the current form as it is, then simply Open Up another Main Form (CTRL-O).