How to get here


While you have a job on the Main Form:


View Customer History by:

Use Customer menu > History


Press F11 on your keyboard

Press the "Customer History" button on the toolbar


View Customer payments by:

Use Customer menu > Payments




Right-mouse click on a credit and choose "Allocations..." from the pop up menu


Use the cursor keys to highlight an invoice then press Spacebar or click the Options button, followed by "Allocations..." from the pop up menu




Use this form to view which credits have been applied to the invoice or debit transaction. All credits applied to this invoice/debit will be listed, showing credit tax date, reference number, type of credit and the amount applied.


You can choose to unapply any credit by selecting it in the list, then clicking the "Unapply row" button.


You can unapply all credits in the list by clicking the "Unapply all" button.


Click Close to close this form.