How to get here


While you have an editable job on the Main Form, edit a PATIENT item by highlighting the row in the lower half of the Main Form, then press Return, or double click on the PATIENT item

If you have a Booked Out completed job on the form, right click the PATIENT item and select "Edit row regardless of job state" from the popup menu



Once you edit the PATIENT item as per the above instructions, you will reach this screen.



When you edit a PATIENT item on a job, you will be presented with a window where you can enter/modify the patient name.


If you have been provided with a Reference code for this patient, you should enter it in the Reference box as this can be presented on reports.



You can adjust the patient name order between "Surname, First name, Title, Reference" and "Title, First name, Surname, Reference" via the checkbox on the Main Form page of the Setup Wizard.