How to get here


While you have an editable job on the Main Form, add an IMAGE item by highlighting a row in the lower half of the Main Form, then:


Enter the code IMAGE and press Return, then Return again


Press the Return key to select a product, and locate the IMAGE item in the list, select it and press Return

Double-click on the row to select a product, and locate the IMAGE item in the list, double click it




Edit an existing IMAGE item on a job by right clicking, and selecting "Edit Row" or "Edit Row regardless of state" if the job is not in an edit state.



Once you have added the IMAGE item to the job, you will reach this screen.


Consider adding an attachment to the job, rather than a line item IMAGE product. Attachments are conveniently listed underneath the job, and can be viewed more easily.

When you add an IMAGE item to a job, or edit an existing IMAGE item on a job, you will be presented with this window:




View Image - Click this to view the image linked to this item. If you haven't already added an image (using the Get Image button) this will show a blank page


Get Image - Click this and then browse to the image file you wish to link to this image item. If the image you want to link to is attached to an email, you will first need to save the attachment onto your computer somewhere. Once you have located the image file on your hard drive, select it then click the Open button. You can add any of the following image formats:

BMP - Bitmap

EMF - Enhanced Meta File


PNG - Portable Network Graphic

WMF - Windows Meta File


Name or caption - Text that will appear on the job to represent this image.



Once an image has been added to a job, you can view it in future either by editing the item (double clicking it, or selecting it and pressing Return) then clicking the View Image button, or by right clicking it and selecting "View Image" from the popup menu.