How to get here


With a job on the Main Form...


From the Action menu, choose Copy to New Job


From the Action Bar, choose "F2 Copy to New"


Press F2 on your keyboard




Allows you to copy the current job to a new job, including the details you specify. The new job will have a new job number and will begin in a New Job state. The original job will remain untouched.







Tick to include the job's current customer on the new job




Tick to include the Deliver To address from the current job, on the duplicate job.

Note Items


Tick to include non-financial items from the current job on the new job. Non-financial items are notes such as the Patient name, Shade or other note item type that you may have added.



Value Items


Tick to include financial items (ie. those that can have a monetary value) from the current job on the new job.



To New...


Create a new job based on the current job.

Credit Note

Creates a new credit note based on the current job.