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Can I use the 30 day trial to run my lab?

Yes, fully for up to 30 days. At some point before or after expiry, you'll need to subscribe to continue using it.


How can I clear the demo data and start with my own?

New Transactor customers can Clear the demo data and start from fresh, download the software and access the full Coffee Break Tour.


How can I get the data in from my older Transactor?

See Move your data in from an earlier version, instructions available on request.


I don't want an invoice printed on Book Out

See Using the Setup Wizard - Printing Rules instructions in the full Coffee Break Tour.


How do I edit or delete an invoiced job?

See Edit or Delete a Job


Can I send CSV invoice files to MyDentist/IDH?

See Configuring Transactor for MyDentist/IDH invoicing instructions and details in the full Coffee Break Tour.



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