Copying a Job Document

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Sometimes you may want to make a copy of a job, for example, to start a new job based on a previous job.


The new copy job can bring forward all or just some of the details from a job that's currently on the Main Form.


We'll start a new job now, based on a previous job. We want to reuse all the details such as dentist, patient and reference but we don't want to keep the priced items.


Start a New Job Based on a Previous Job


Select the job you wish to copy so that it is now on the Main Form

Click 'Copy to new'

Untick 'Value Items'

Click OK





copy a job1


Those of you who are still with us may realise the potential of this copy action. You can start a new job based on a previous job, you can quickly duplicate any job and you can make a duplicate without copying the customer. This means that any job completed for the wrong customer can be copied and assigned to the correct customer (raising a credit note to cancel out the wrong one).


Add some line items to your new copy and click Bookout ongoing.




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