Commercial Module


This add-on module is designed for labs who supply corporate customers, want to export transactions, or automate large remittances from principal accounts.

The Commercial Module consists of three utilities: The EDI Invoicer, EDI Remitter and CSV Exporter.

The Commercial Module is included with V8 Premium, and a trial of the Commercial Module is included with Transactor V8 Standard and Trial editions. Find these utilities in the Add-Ons menu within Transactor.


What’s in it


EDI Invoicer

This add-on application will create a file containing bulk corporate invoices for selected customers in various formats. Current formats supported include MyDentist. Read More..

EDI Remitter

This application will allow you to select or import a list of sales invoices, and pay them with funds taken from a given principal account. Useful for processing remittance files from large corporates such as MyDentist and BUPA.Read more..

CSV Exporter

This add-on application will export invoice transactions and customer records in a format suitable for selected accounts packages, such as Xero, Kashflow or Sage Instant Accounts. New formats are being added regularly. Read More..