Transactor Cloud for Dentists

Transactor Cloud gives dental practices, groups, dentists as well as trusted partners secure access to the dental lab’s order management software, LabManager, anywhere at any time.

Transactor Cloud is a new venture and one which we are rightly very excited about. Hosting LabManager in the cloud provides secure access via any device with an internet connection – from anywhere in the world.

By allowing you secure access to the lab’s order management software, you can view your own jobs to check on their progress, add attachments, send messages to the lab etc. You can also submit new jobs for the lab to review before accepting or adjusting. Any communication from one side is instantly shown on the other side via a notification counter and window.

These features save time— minimising the need for timely back and forth communication with the lab via the phone, email or other instant messaging methods/apps. Our team’s aspiration behind “Whole prescription—Whole point” is to do away with so many different locations for elements of the prescription by having the whole prescription always in one place—that’s the whole point.

With the full transcript of any messaging shown underneath every job, plus the ability to add attachments, Transactor Cloud enables prescriptions to evolve over the entire manufacturing process, making these aspirations a reality.


Job viewed on lab screen
Cloud job viewed on main form at the lab
Lab Manager Cloud OSX
LabManager Cloud on Mac OSX

Transactor Cloud for dentists and practices

Transactor Cloud Pricing

Important information

Any device with a browser and internet connection can be used, although the system has not been optimised for touch screens. Preferably you should use Windows or Mac desktops to access LabManager using our dedicated cloud application.

An account can only be signed in to one device at any one time.
Accounts require two-step verification where a unique code is sent to the user’s email address and/or mobile phone on every log in, so users will require access to the email address or mobile phone.
Dentists and practices can be given access to sign in to view their own jobs, as well as submit new jobs, add attachments and messages.