Transactor’s integration with the Cable Dental service allows you to view your Cable registered dentist’s past 3 months of Transactor jobs via any device with a web browser, anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. (included free with Transactor 8.1)

It also allows Cable approved dentists to submit jobs directly to your Transactor database. Your customer can track their lab jobs from start to finish.

Your lab and your customer can add information, file attachments, annotations, and even correspond with each other.


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Benefits for the lab:

  • More time to focus on quality of work
  • Less stressful communications with your dentists
  • Instructions more likely to be followed
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Jobs less likely to get lost
  • Practices know the status of jobs without contacting the lab
  • Labs know which practices require pick-ups
  • Jobs tracked from start to finish
  • Better lab financial measurement
  • Photos, scans, documents can be sent to and from the lab electronically
  • Send and receive messages with the practice

Cable Dental Website
Charges will only apply for using the Cable Dental service when used to receive orders online from your customers.